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Why learn to sail at Nockamixon Sailing School?
Learn to be captain of your own sailboat to American Sailing Association standards.
Outstanding instructor awards received from ASA in 2009, 2012, 2018, and 2020.
              Nockamixon Sailing School
Quakertown, PA, located near Philadelphia.
We teach and certify our students to American Sailing
                 Association standards.
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Practice Sailing
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Common Questions
Nockamixon Sailing School is an American Sailing Association affiliated sailing school and a part of Captain In You Sailing Schools, Inc. We teach and certify our students to ASA and Captain In You Sailing School high standards.

Our basic and intermediate level ASA sailing classes are taught in a 2 day, day sailor approach, where students learn to sail during the day and then return home during the evenings. Class size is kept small and is typically 3-4 students. Classes are available May – October to fit almost anyone's schedule.

Lake Nockamixon is a wonderful place to learn to sail in that there are no big ships to dodge and the water is clean and safe. Why not learn to handle a 20-30 foot sailboat in a safe and fun environment on Lake Nockamixon, and then learn to sail a 30-50 foot sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay or in the Virgin Islands at one of our sister schools. Take the entire series and get certified to bareboat charter in destinations all over the world, or learn to sail across an ocean. Why not start close to home without having to spend money and time on travel.

All of our instructors are ASA certified sailing instructors and have their US Coast Guard captain’s license, ensuring the finest instruction available.

Streamline your sailing education with our internally developed Captain In You Sailing Schools sailing curriculum that has proven effective in helping students quickly learn the information required to gain ASA certification, and sail safely on their own.

We believe that new sailors should learn to sail on a sailboat that sails well, so all our classes are taught on a Catalina Capri cruiser/racer that allows students to learn what is possible on a sailboat that performs well, and is equipped with the latest in equipment and in excellent condition.
Learn from instructors with multiple perspectives. Nockamixon Sailing School is part of Captain In You Sailing Schools, Inc. and operates in the Virgin Islands as Virgin Islands Sailing Academy and on the Chesapeake Bay as Delmarva Sailing School with the same great instructors.
After students take a class we also offer a unique “Practice Sailing Program” that allows students to retake classes for half price in order to gain additional practice. After you learn to sail, charter a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay at our charter company, Delmarva Charters.

By choosing Nockamixon Sailing School for your sailing education you can realize your dream of learning to sail. Our alumni charter sailboats in destinations all over the world, and many have purchased their own sailboat.
Captain In You Sailing Schools, Inc.
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