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Nockamixon Sailing School

ASA 101 Basic Keelboat
ASA 105 Coastal Navigation
ASA 107 Celestial Navigation Class and
ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement
ASA 103 Coastal Cruising
ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising
ASA 118 Docking
ASA 119 Marine Weather
ASA 106 Advanced
Coastal Cruising
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ASA101, ASA103, ASA104, ASA106, and ASA 108 are available at our other Captain In You Sailing School, Inc. locations at Delmarva Sailing School on the Chesapeake Bay and at Virgin Islands Sailing Academy in the Virgin Islands. Delmarva Sailing School and Virgin Islands Sailing Academy both offer individual classes or combination classes including ASA101/103 or ASA103/104 and ASA101/103/104. All Delmarva Sailing School and Virgin Islands Sailing Academy classes are provided in a live aboard approach. Please visit or for more information. Please also visit if you are interested in chartering a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.
Complete the fun and challenging series of ASA sailing courses and become a competent sailboat captain. Each course includes thorough training to ASA and Nockamixon Sailing School's high standards. 10% discount off if you sign up for both ASA101 and ASA103.
Click here to learn why our Catalina Capri sailboat may be the best sailboat to learn on.
ASA119 Marine Weather Endorsement: Available as home study only. ASA119 Marine Weather Endorsement is for those who want to understand the proper use of weather information in planning and adapting navigation during voyages. Course includes a description of basic weather concepts, pressure and wind, global winds and currents, strong wind systems, clouds fog and sea state, wind and terrain, weather maps, sources of marine weather, on board forecasting and tactics, and southern hemisphere weather. Prerequisites: None. Price: $299. Price includes Modern Marine Weather textbook, workbook, PowerPoint presentation, test, and certification. ASA119 test is provided with the course materials and is a take home open book test. Student returns the exam to us for grading and certification when they are ready.
ASA107 Celestial Navigation and ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement- Both available as Home Study or in a classroom. We divide ASA107 into two parts to make it easier to afford and easier to learn. Part 1 is ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement which is an introduction to Celestial Navigation and the first half of the ASA107 class. Part 2 is the second half of ASA107 Celestial Navigation.

Part 1 covers Introduction to Celestial Navigation, Celestial Navigation General Concepts, Sextant Parts and Operation, Latitude and Longitude by Local Apparent Noon, Latitude by Polaris, and How to use Universal Plotting Sheets. Includes "Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation" Volume 1 (150 pages), by Captain Michael Brown, Work Forms for LAN and Polaris, and Universal Plotting Sheets, ASA117 Test, and ASA 117 Certification. Students who complete Part 1 will receive ASA117 Celestial Navigation Endorsement certification.

Part 2 covers use of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, Stars, and Star Finder Work Form, how to perform dead reckoning plots at sea and use DMA925 Plotting sheets, how to use the Rude Star Finder, compass calibration using celestial bodies, Mercator verses Gnomonic charts, determination of morning and evening twilight and sunset and sunrise times, Includes "Solving the Puzzle of Celestial Navigation" Volume 2 (250 pages), by Captain Michael Brown, Work Forms for the Sun, Moon, and Planets, Stars, and Work Forms for use with the Star Finder, ASA107 Test, and ASA 107 Certification. Students who complete Part 1 and Part 2 will earn ASA107 Celestial Navigation certification.

Students can also sign up initially for ASA107 which includes both Parts 1 and 2 of the ASA107 Celestial Navigation class, which covers everything shown above in Part 1 and Part 2.

Students who sign up for ASA107 do not have to take the ASA117 Celestial Endorsement test if they do not want to but why not divide up Celestial Navigation into two parts to make it easier and why not get two certifications instead of one?

Prerequisites: None from ASA but students should already be familiar with coastal navigation techniques and have their own Parallel rules and Dividers.

Our Celestial Navigation materials provide a Workshop approach where each concept is described and then an example problem is worked, showing all steps of the process. Work Forms are included for all Celestial Bodies to make it easy.
During Covid, ASA is allowing us to mail the Celestial Navigation exams to students along with the course materials as a take home open book test instead of using a Proctor or taking the test in a classroom, so whether the student takes the home study or classroom ASA107, the test is included with the course materials and the student returns it to us when completed for grading. Click here to see pictures of what is included.

Price is $350 for ASA107 Parts 1 Home Study or $175 for Part one only and $175 for Part 2 only.

Classroom class ASA107 is $499.
ASA105 Coastal Navigation & Piloting: Home Study or Classroom. Learn the navigational skills required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. Includes chart symbols, publications, chart scaling, navigation rules, tide and current tables, List of lights, converting courses between true, magnetic, and compass, hand bearing compass, navigation tools, compass deviation, plotting a dead reckoning course using speed, time, and course to steer, understanding current and leeway and its effect on your estimated position, determining what course to steer taking into account current and leeway, two bearing fix, three bearing fix, estimated position, running fix, danger bearing, characteristics of lighted navigation aids, understanding the buoyage system, and more. Prerequisites: None. Price includes Coastal Navigation and Piloting Textbook by Tom Tursi, Solutions Workbook, DVD, Practice chart, Dividers, and Parallel Rules, Test and chart for test, and ASA105 certification. During Covid crisis ASA is allowing us to offer the exam as a take home open book test instead of using a Proctor so whether the student is doing a home study or classroom class, the test is included with the course materials and the student returns it to us when completed for grading. Home study price: $299 Classroom price $499.
ASA101 Basic Keelboat Sailing: 2 day, all on the water, beginner level sailing class. ASA101 provides all you need to get started sailing, including sailing vocabulary, principles of sailing, sail trim, steering with a tiller, required safety equipment, proper commands for tacks and jibes, crew overboard recovery, and much more. You will be able to sail on a basic level after completing ASA101. Class size: 2-4 students. Prerequisites: None. Price includes Sailing Made Easy by ASA, ASA Test, ASA membership, and ASA Certification. Price: $485. 10% off for taking two or more classes.
ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising: 2 day, all on the water, intermediate level sailing class. ASA103 provides training in the remaining sailing concepts that are not covered in ASA101, including more on gear and equipment, safety, duties of skipper and crew, seamanship, boat handling, docking, anchoring, reefing, and heaving to. Class size: 2-4 students. Prerequisites: ASA101 or successful challenge of ASA101. Price includes Coastal Cruising Made Easy Textbook by ASA, ASA membership, ASA Test, and ASA Certification. Price: $485. 10% off for taking two or more classes.
ASA 101 Challenge- Students with significant experience are welcome to challenge ASA101. This requires the student to pass the ASA101 written test, and demonstrate the on-the-water skills required for the ASA101 standard. Although a separate on-the-water test can be arranged, demonstrating the on-the-water skills typically happens while the student takes ASA103. Price: $199.
Private Instruction: Private Instruction is available on our sailboat for $699/day without ASA certification. $799/day with ASA certification. Two day minimum is required by ASA for ASA 101 or ASA103 certification. One day minimum for private lessons without ASA certification.
ASA108 Ocean Passage
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Home Studies: ASA105, ASA107, and ASA119 are offered as home study including the course materials, ASA test, and ASA certification. Once you sign up we mail the course materials. You can take the take home open book exam anytime. Price $299 for ASA105 and ASA119. $349 for ASA107.
Presents: Give the Sailor in your life a Sailing Class:

Please consider giving the sailor in your life a course for Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. We will mail out the course materials in a box suitable for wrapping. After your loved one receives their present, they can contact us to schedule their class.

Tipping is not required but if your captain does a great job you may want to give a tip. Please also complete the evaluation form you will receive from ASA, after your class is over.
ASA 119 Marine Weather
ASA Sailing Class Descriptions:
ASA105 and ASA107 classroom classes are taught in Warminster, PA at the Hartsville Fire House meeting room. Price $499 each.
Hartsville Fire House Meeting Room